Get lemons, make lemonade - part two

In last week’s post, in which I detailed my latest health challenges, I ended by saying: The good news is that I don’t feel victimized by any of this. I know I create my own reality and this didn’t just happen. What I’m seeing is simply a result of my past thinking and emotions. So I spend a lot of time thinking about and writing in my journal about what I must have been thinking about and how I must have been feeling to create these circumstances. Here’s what I discovered last week.

 I have two friends, both of whom are also dealing with health challenges. One has a terrible outbreak of psoriasis and over the weeks of looking at his possible cause, we can see that he has been under a lot of stress trying to figure out how best to deal with his wife, from whom he would like to get a divorce. As for my other friend, she is having a lot of problems with her bladder and in doing some research, we saw that a possible cause could literally be being “pissed off.” When confronted with the likelihood that was the case, she had no hesitancy to admit that she was really pissed off at someone.

When I heard this, I immediately asked myself: where am I dealing with some stress in my life that I’m not honestly or effectively dealing with? Absolutely believing that stress is almost always the single most destructive source of physical problems, I had an honest talk with myself to look for the answer. It didn’t take long for me to get to the source. What’s always so scary about doing this is that you always come up against something you have been avoiding or did not want to face.

Without going into the details of what I found, which are really unnecessary to make my point, I took action and confronted what I found. The results were immediate. First, I just felt so much better. Second, within a day, all the pain I have been dealing with literally 24/7 stopped. I have a bunion that still gives me occasional grief, but I have been virtually pain free for the last week. I’m walking further, riding the bike at the gym longer and sleeping better. I did not even realize how my stress was chasing business opportunities away but the flood gates have dramatically opened.

So I want to end where I started: Don’t allow yourself to feel victimized by anything life sends your way. Know you create your reality. What you are always seeing is simply a result of your past thinking and emotions. Spend time thinking about and journaling about what you must have been thinking about and how you must have been feeling to create your circumstances. Most people will never do this because nobody really wants to take responsibility for the “bad” things that happen in life. Don’t go there. This is not “bad,” which is just an interpretation of the ego. This is just what is and what you have created.

As you have heard me say before, this is not a dress rehearsal for the real life. This is your life. Be determined to live it to the fullest!

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