The Power of Beliefs - Overcoming limiting beliefs about money

In my last post, where I discussed our beliefs about money and wealth, I stated that people actually believe they create money/wealth with what they do and that this belief is complete nonsense. You do not create money/wealth with what you do. You are a creative being. Like everything else in life, you create with your thoughts and your emotions.

I further explained that just last week, I put many of my students through a 66 statement questionnaire about beliefs about money. As I read each statement, like “it takes money to make money,” each student had to decide whether (a) they never had that thought, (b) they had that thought some of the time, or (c) they had that thought most or all of the time. Almost everyone had lots of (b’s) and (c’s).

But, as I said on Tuesday, none of those statements are true. They could be true or they could just as easily not be true. What is true is that they are all limiting. And rich people don’t believe them. I can guarantee you that Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Donald Trump do not believe any of them. In fact, if you talk to rich people, they believe just the opposite to be true.

So, if you want to have more money/wealth in your life, the ONLY way to make that happen is to flush out and eliminate your negative/limiting beliefs about money. One of the ways is simply to become conscious about your attitude about money, because you cannot change anything until you become aware of your limiting beliefs. For example, every time you go shopping, for anything, even a meal at a restaurant, start to notice the reaction you have when you hear the cost. Especially at a restaurant, do you look at the right side of the menu when you order or the left? Do you pick the restaurant or any other store you shop at based on what you want or the potential cost.

I remember when I started to shop at a health food store where everything was organic. Of course, everything was more expensive. When I got to the check stand and they rang up my groceries, I was always taken back by the amount. My thought was consistently “that much?” So I started to say back to myself: “I wonder if Bill Gates would think that’s a lot?” Since the answer was obviously “no,” I would then say to myself “well then, why should I?” And, of course, I started to do all of the things I mentioned above. Where was I shopping, what restaurants were I picking, what side of the menu I was looking at. It was very enlightening to discover my own limiting beliefs about money.

There are basically two ways to live your life when it comes to money. You can either decide what you want and trust that you will find the money to get it, in which case YOU make your decisions, or you can decide what you want based on whether you think you can afford it or not, in which case MONEY makes your decisions for you. The vast majority of people do the later which is why they struggle when it comes to having the money for the things they want. You decide what you do and start paying attention. It may just be time to wake up about your limiting beliefs about money.

To be continued …

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