The Power of Beliefs - Why the rich keep getting richer

In my last few posts, I’ve been exploring the relationship between our beliefs and our results. Stated simply, but accurately, our beliefs determine our thoughts, our thoughts determine our emotions, those determine our actions and our actions determine our results. So in the world of cause and effect, beliefs are cause and results are the effects.

I find the area where in most cases people literally shoot themselves in the foot with regard to their beliefs is in the area of money and wealth. People actually believe that they create money/wealth with what they do. We are told to get a good job so we can “make a living.” This one is so ingrained in our thinking it’s going to be difficult for most of you to hear this but the reality is this is complete nonsense. You do not create money/wealth with what you do. You are a creative being. Like everything else in life, you create with your thoughts and your emotions. This is why the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer!

I want you to imagine a pipe, one end of which is connected to the infinite resources of the Universe. While those resources are free to flow unabated through the pipe, here’s the problem: there is a valve at the end of the pipe. You are the valve. You open or shut the valve with your thinking about money and your feelings about money and most of them are negative and/or limiting.

Two examples: my Dad quit school when he was 15 years old to go to work in the family plumbing business. He did that for 50 years, going to work every day, working hard. But he had such limiting beliefs about money. When I wanted something he didn’t have the money for, he’d say things like: your think money grows on trees? And while his dad and his brother did really well, he was always so resentful about their success because they didn’t do anything to help him. The result: after 50 years he had nothing. Had to live on Social Security and a small pension my mom got.

I just last week put many of my students through a 66 statement questionnaire about beliefs about money. As I read each statement, like “it takes money to make money,” each student had to decide whether (a) they never had that thought, (b) they had that thought some of the time, or (c) they had that thought most or all of the time. One client found that he picked (b) or (c) for well over half of the statements.

The problem is that none of the statements were true. They could be true or they could not be true. But they were all limiting. And we believe them. And we crank that valve so tight with our limiting beliefs, very little flows through.

He thought about it all weekend. He came to realize how much he had bought into the belief that making a decent living was fine. And that’s all he had done. He never even thought about the possibility of being rich! It was a huge wake-up call. By the end of our conversation on Monday, he was excited about growing his company, getting rich, everyone else in the company getting rich with him, being able to do things for his family that would be wonderful. He was so excited, as was I, about the future he was going to create with my help. He was finally able to see a life beyond his limiting beliefs.

To be continued …

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