The most effective way to deal with uncertainty

As I mentioned two weeks ago, I recently gave a talk to an audience of mid-level managers of Fortune 1500 companies and offered all the attendees a free, one hour coaching session to discuss any business related issue. In my last two posts, I reported on two of the issues on the minds of so many peoplewho have management responsibilities in corporate America. This week I want to respond to another burning issue: how to deal most effectively with uncertainty, which could arise for any number of reasons, like: a proposed sale of the company, the company making other kinds of changes, new management coming in, and the like.

Here’s the reality: regardless of your job, your company position, whether you work for another or are your own boss, the future is ALWAYS uncertain. The past is over, it only lives as a memory, and the future is a matter of pure speculation. No matter how hard you try and manipulate or control it, you will always fail. So what do you do? Just surrender and give up? Actually yes!

I am once again reminded of what has become my favorite quote from Albert Einstein, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.” When you listen to the fear-based, scarcity-based, survival-based voice of your ego, you have chosen to believe that you live in a hostile universe. Under those circumstances, of course you will worry about the future and do everything in your power to have it turn out the way you want. But you will always discover, as I am sure you already have, it never turns out the way you want. In fact, it will turn out in a way to justify all the things you’ve worried about.

The other alternative is so simple that it’s almost hard to believe. Decide you live in a friendly universe. Live in the present moment, choose to be happy, satisfied and joyous knowing the universe is your friend, do what there is to do in front of you without any concern whatsoever, and TRUST that everything will turn out just fine. And you know what, it is highly likely that things will turn out even better than you would have imagined.

My loving daughter has a new job as a relationship manager at a bank. I have come to understand that most banks are changing the titles of their people to the one she has been given. But unfortunately, those same people, listening to the voice of the ego, have no clue what it means to be a relationship manager. But she does. As she explained so eloquently to me, her job is to do the very best she is capable of, in every interaction, to be of service to the customer she is in front of, without any concern for what’s in it for her or her bank. She knows that if she does that, whatever happens will be for the highest benefit of all parties concerned and everyone will win.

Traditional logic would ask the question: isn’t her job to make sure the bank she works for wins? In an ego-based world, the answer would be “yes.’ But do you want to live in the world of the ego? In a friendly universe, therefore, the answer becomes “no.” As I said, in a friendly universe, you trust that what happens will be perfect and you be about serving others to the best of your ability.

So back to the original question of dealing with uncertainty, try as best you can to stop worrying about the future, which is what your ego wants you to do, stay in the present, be about doing what there is to do in front of you to the best of your ability in a way which maximizes the contribution you can make to everyone involved, and allow the friendly universe to attend to everything else. You’ll be so much happier!  


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