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Here’s how to have 2017 be your best year yet

The New Year is just around the corner. For me, I always look forward to the new year with a heightened level of excitement and anticipation because of 2 things I do at the end of every year. Because I post a rather lengthy description of the 2 things almost every year, this year I’m going to summarize my... Read More ➝

Would you like to move beyond polarization?

As this whole US election process unfolds, we continually hear reporters discuss how polarized people in the US are. I’m sure you’ve heard your share about this issue. But for me, it’s like constantly reporting that someone has a broken arm but not commenting on how it got that way and surely not suggesting what can be done about... Read More ➝

Nurturing your relationships – part two

In last week’s blog, I asked the following questions: Have you watched a relationship that you are or were in deteriorate and die? Is that presently going on in your company or in your personal life? I’d bet the answer is yes for the clear majority of you. Would you like to make sure this doesn’t happen for you?... Read More ➝

Nurturing your relationships

As we approach the end of the year and perhaps reflect on some new beginnings we might want to start next year, I offer the following situation for your consideration:

I had the opportunity, several years ago, to spend two days with two gentlemen that started a business together. Like many individuals, these two-gentleman entered their business relationship with lots... Read More ➝

The secret to finding your life purpose

This past weekend, I heard an interview with Jahana Hayes who won the title of National Teacher of the Year. I was truly impressed by what she said and not surprised that she won that title.

What was so impressive was her approach to teaching. In its simplest terms, she said that her job was to help her students discover... Read More ➝

What do you have to be thankful for?

In my way of thinking, Thanksgiving should be one of the most important and most celebrated holidays of the year because if you’re reading this newsletter, you have so much to be thankful for. And, as I will discuss in a moment, being thankful is the key to having a great life and a great company.

But it seems to... Read More ➝

All suffering comes from resisting what is

What seems like a long time ago, when I was just starting in the coaching business, my very first coach, a wise man indeed, talked to me about people’s propensity for suffering. He explained that people experience a lot of stress, which is the source of their suffering, and that it is all self-inflicted. We think that it’s the... Read More ➝

All things are lessons we are here to learn

Would you like to eliminate a major amount of the unhappiness, frustration, disappointment and stress you experience in your day to day activities? Especially now with this unnerving election around the corner? If the answer is yes, this can be experienced simply by adopting the philosophy: all things are lessons I am here to learn.

lessons-we-are-here-to-learnRead More ➝

Are you waiting for November 8th?

I asserted in last week’s post that every problem you have ever faced and will ever face comes from the one fear-based belief that all humans seem to have that we are separate. All the complexity of the world is nothing more than a desperate attempt not to recognize the problem, and therefore not let it be resolved. If... Read More ➝

Problems, problems, problems. Is there no end to my problems?

From Lesson 79 of ACIM: Problems, problems, problems. Everyone in this world seems to have his or her own special problems. That is surely the position in which you find yourself now. A long series of different problems seems to confront you, and as one is settled the next one and the next arise. There seems to be no... Read More ➝

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