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Are you waiting for November 8th?

I asserted in last week’s post that every problem you have ever faced and will ever face comes from the one fear-based belief that all humans seem to have that we are separate. All the complexity of the world is nothing more than a desperate attempt not to recognize the problem, and therefore not let it be resolved. If... Read More ➝

Problems, problems, problems. Is there no end to my problems?

From Lesson 79 of ACIM: Problems, problems, problems. Everyone in this world seems to have his or her own special problems. That is surely the position in which you find yourself now. A long series of different problems seems to confront you, and as one is settled the next one and the next arise. There seems to be no... Read More ➝

Maybe none of your “beliefs” are “the truth”

I was having a conversation with someone the other day about a health related topic, a subject I have invested a lot of time in researching. In fact, I’m going to Texas this weekend for a 3-day conference that has the title The Truth About Cancer. As a survivor, I want to learn as much as I can about... Read More ➝

It’s almost time to vote – do it wisely

I’m writing this as I watch the Presidential debates and the just completed Vice Presidents debate. As someone intensely interested in politics, and who has some clear views about what needs to get done and what should get done, I’m surely tempted to express my views at this point. However, I will resist doing that as I trust you... Read More ➝

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