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Here’s how to have 2017 be your best year yet

The New Year is just around the corner. For me, I always look forward to the new year with a heightened level of excitement and anticipation because of 2 things I do at the end of every year. Because I post a rather lengthy description of the 2 things almost every year, this year I’m going to summarize my... Read More ➝

Would you like to move beyond polarization?

As this whole US election process unfolds, we continually hear reporters discuss how polarized people in the US are. I’m sure you’ve heard your share about this issue. But for me, it’s like constantly reporting that someone has a broken arm but not commenting on how it got that way and surely not suggesting what can be done about... Read More ➝

Nurturing your relationships – part two

In last week’s blog, I asked the following questions: Have you watched a relationship that you are or were in deteriorate and die? Is that presently going on in your company or in your personal life? I’d bet the answer is yes for the clear majority of you. Would you like to make sure this doesn’t happen for you?... Read More ➝

Nurturing your relationships

As we approach the end of the year and perhaps reflect on some new beginnings we might want to start next year, I offer the following situation for your consideration:

I had the opportunity, several years ago, to spend two days with two gentlemen that started a business together. Like many individuals, these two-gentleman entered their business relationship with lots... Read More ➝

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