You get to choose the world you see

In last week’s post, I presented a question for you and an invitation: Who will you be in 2016 and at what level are you going to play? I proceeded to say that you have two choices: you can participate in the win/lose, right/wrong, you against me, fear-based competitive world, where you focus on what you can get for you and those around you and work to accomplish your goals, or you can rise above the fray and create for yourself a win/win, you and me, love-based world where you focus on bringing as much love, peace and joy to everyone whose path you cross?

From the number of people who unsubscribed from my mailings, I know this was far beyond the contemplation of many. But many others were intrigued by my thoughts and sent me their support. So for those of you that are on board with my idea, I want you to appreciate why doing what I’ve suggested is such a challenge.

First, as strange as it may seem to say this, one thing that makes life so hard is the fact that we have eyes. When we open them in the morning, we see a world in conflict and lots of other separate human beings. Everything we see seems separate from us and somehow, it all looks threatening, at least that’s what we perceive. We see lots of other people who seem to be in competition for what we want for ourselves and, in fact, we even call them competitors. We judge everything and everyone. It’s so natural to do this, we don’t even realize we’re doing it.

In such a world, how can we possibly believe that none of what I just said is “the truth,” and nothing more than a perception driven by our ego, what I now call the “keeper of fear.” That is the challenge and that is why you have to choose again. The fact of the matter is that when you open your eyes, all you ever see is what you have chosen to believe is the truth. It’s all just an out-picturing of your thoughts and beliefs. It takes a bit of effort, but you can choose to believe, as Albert Einstein said, we live in a friendly universe. If you’re willing to make that choice, the logical next step is to focus on what I have chosen to do, being loving, experiencing your connection to all others and being about service and contribution.

If you want some incentive to do this, and you’re asking “what’s in it for me?” the answer is quite a bit. It’s funny, when most people are asked what they really want in life, the almost universal answer is: to be happy. Unfortunately, we think we get that by getting for ourselves what we want. But the irony is that that approach never brings happiness, which is why people still just want to be happy. If you try my approach, you’re immediately happy! How great is that? And your happiness just keeps creating circumstances to bring more happiness. So jump on board and let’s have 2016 be the best year ever.

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