Successful people never compare themselves to others

In my last posts, I asked the question: are there tried and true, timeless, unchanging principles that, if you understand and apply, success must follow? My answer was: yes! OK, so what are they? The first principle is: there is no such thing as a neutral thought. You are an infinitely creative being and what you have been given to create with is your mind. Every thought you have gets planted in the fertile soil of creativity and produces a result.

The second principle is: your emotions are the fuel that waters the soil. What I’m calling happy feelings are like putting fertilizer on the soil and what I’m calling unhappy feelings are like putting acid on the soil.

If life is that simple, and I assure you it is, how come we’re not all living the lives of our dreams? Last week I discussed problem #1. Here’s problem #2: the vast majority of people do not believe what I said above, that they are an infinitely creative being that is as powerful as anyone who has ever walked on the face of this planet and anyone who will walk on the face of this planet in the future. Even if people believe this intellectually, they mostly don’t live like they believe it emotionally.

Human beings are very strange creatures. They have an identity issue. No deer in the woods wakes up in the morning, looks at other deers and wonders if it is as good as the others.  Dogs and cats don’t compare themselves to other dogs and cats and find themselves deficient. Only human beings do that. Most people actually have a hard time looking at themselves in the mirror and smiling at the person they see.

I was in a class recently and at a particular moment in the lecture, the teacher told us to turn to the person next to us and say something to them. What we were supposed to say is not relevant. What’s relevant is that the person I turned to couldn’t look me in the eyes. She glanced over quickly and just as quickly looked away. It was as if she said: please don’t look at me, I am embarrassed to be me.

You think this is uncommon? Not at all. Start to notice how people relate to you. You will see how often people, including you, do this. People have huge issues with their self worth. They constantly compare themselves to others and mostly find themselves lacking. They constantly look at what other people are creating and accomplishing and decide they could never do that.

So go back to the first paragraph of this post and read it again. Whether you like it or not, every thought you have gets planted in the fertile soil of creativity and produces a result. So you need to start asking yourself: what am I thinking most of the time about me? If you can see that you do indeed think that you are not as good as others, that will be the life you create. If you run a business and don’t think you are as capable as others, that too is what you will create.

Life and business are these interesting games and they are our games. Be sure you get clear about how you are setting yours up. As I said last week: The pathway to freedom and having a life you love is to take responsibility for everything. If you’re not willing to do that, your other choice is to stop complaining that the world is not devoting itself to making you happy. Your success is entirely up to you.

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