You have to learn to turn down the volume on the voice of the ego

For several weeks now, I have been asking the question: are there tried and true, timeless, unchanging principles that, if you understand and apply, success must follow? My answer was: yes! OK, so what are they? The first principle is: there is no such thing as a neutral thought. You are an infinitely creative being and what you have been given to create with is your mind. Every thought you have gets planted in the fertile soil of creativity and produces a result.

The second principle is: your emotions are the fuel that waters the soil. What I call happy, joyful, optimistic and abundant feelings are like putting fertilizer on the soil and what I call unhappy, angry, fearful and scarcity-based feelings are like putting acid on the soil.

If life is that simple, and I assure you it is, how come we’re not all living the lives of our dreams? Last week and the week before, I discussed problems #1 and #2. Here’s problem #3: you almost exclusively listen to the voice of your ego.

This is such a big topic and one I have written so extensively about before, I will only here summarize what the issue is. When you arrived, you came perfectly programmed for success. You inherently knew you were a creative being and could achieve whatever you put your mind to. You envisioned a life where you could play and have fun. You didn’t worry about anything and, at some level, you knew you would be taken care of. The world was your oyster.

But it didn’t take very long for the ego conversation to come into existence and develop. It’s like this brand new, perfectly designed computer developed a virus. The ego is the voice of fear, negativity, worry, concern, scarcity, disappointment and on and on. In the world of the ego, you are the center of the universe, everyone else is separate from you and, to make matters worse, they are all the enemy.

As Einstein has said, you have to decide what you believe, meaning you have to decide which voice you’re going to listen to. When you listen to your ego, you cannot be happy, you cannot be successful, you cannot be effective as a leader and life and business will always be a struggle. The simple reason is the second principle discussed above. The voice of the ego will have you put acid on the soil of creativity and you’ll end up with a garden of weeds.

In what is turning out to be a long series, next week I will begin to share some of the things you can do to turn your game around and start playing to win. As I said last week, life and business are these interesting games and they are our games. You have to get very clear about how you are setting yours up. The pathway to freedom and having a life you love starts with taking responsibility for everything. If you’re not willing to do that, your other choice is to stop complaining that the world is not devoting itself to making you happy. Your success is entirely up to you.

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