Is it perhaps time for you to wake up?

In my last posts, I asked the question: are there tried and true, timeless, unchanging principles that, if you understand and apply, success must follow? My answer was: yes! OK, so what are they? The first principle is: there is no such thing as a neutral thought. You are an infinitely creative being and what you have been given to create with is your mind. Every thought you have gets planted in the fertile soil of creativity and produces a result.

The second principle is: your emotions are the fuel that waters the soil. This is the principle that gets the least attention and the one that often is the reason why so few people produce the results they desire. We just don’t realize that what I’m calling happy feelings are like putting fertilizer on the soil and what I’m calling unhappy feelings are like putting acid on the soil.

If life is that simple, and I assure you it is, how come we’re not all living the lives of our dreams? Problem #1: mostly, almost exclusively, people, like you, are unconscious about what’s going on with them. People think life is just this random phenomenon that just happens and all they get to do is react and respond as best they can. People have no sense they are creating all of it, with their thoughts and emotions.

The average person has about 60,000 thoughts a day, 95% are the same thoughts they had yesterday and 80% are negative. Is it any wonder we keep creating the same experiences over and over again?

Here’s the point: you need to wake up! Become conscious. Start noticing everything. Take nothing for granted. Start assuming that whatever you see, you created. Why? Because you did. Get curious. Every time something happens that you don’t fully understand, ask: what’s that all about?

Here’s your assignment for the next week, if you’re willing to accept it. Do the above. Start every day with a reminder: Today I’m going to notice what I’m thinking. Today I’m going to notice my emotions. Today I’m going to notice what I assume to be true and then question it.

Then, at the end of the day, review your day. Get yourself a journal and take time every night to write what you noticed during the day. What did I notice today about me? What was I thinking about most of the day? How was I feeling? Was I happy or not? The pathway to freedom and having a life you love is to take responsibility for everything. If you’re not willing to do that, your other choice is to stop complaining that the world is not devoting itself to making you happy. Your happiness is entirely up to you.

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