Is it better to be smart or enlightened?

One of the things I notice in the many organizations I work with is that I run into a lot of really smart people. While I guess there’s no harm in being smart, in fact, it may be a good thing, it often presents an interesting challenge. So if you consider yourself to be smart, read on.

Here’s the problem with many smart people: they think they know. I mean, talk to them about anything and they know. They listen to see if they agree with you or not or they don’t listen at all, because you know what, they already know.

But here’s the issue: there’s a distinction between being smart and being enlightened. Being smart will get you so far in life and in business. Being enlightened is necessary to get you the rest of the way.

What’s the difference? When you’re smart, you have a lot of information about a lot of things or maybe about just some things. If I was going to have brain surgery, I would want a doctor who knew everything about the brain, the body, surgery, and on and on. But there are a lot of smart people who run businesses who know everything about their product or service but don’t have a clue about how to run a business successfully.

What does it mean to be enlightened? It means you understand, first, how life works, then you understand how people work, and then you understand how to use that information to empower people, build a team, and create an extraordinary organization. For now, and I will elaborate on this a lot further, being enlightened means you know the difference between the voice of your higher consciousness and the voice of your ego and you’re effective in managing yourself from the former and not the later.

As I’ve written about before, life and business are actually pretty simple games, if you understand the rules. And why they are simple games is that the rules are simple: choose which voice you listen to. When you listen to the voice of the ego, you’re fundamentally afraid, you never see things clearly, you make bad decision and things tend not to turn out well.

When you listen to the voice of your higher consciousness, you’re happy, you see things clearly, you make good decisions and things tend to turn out well. And here’s the best news of all, while your ego lives in your head, your higher consciousness lives in your heart. So to be enlightened, stay in your heart! Sometimes a tough sell to smart people.

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