Are you enjoying the run for the White House?

I don’t know about you but I’m finding the present race to become the next president of the United States to be both fascinating and disturbing. The fascinating part is the degree to which what would be considered to be the traditional types that run for office have fallen by the wayside. On the Republican side in particular, who would have thought that the likes of Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and others would be long gone. Who would have thought a declared socialist like Bernie Sanders would be giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money.

How those who look at this phenomenon explain all of this is to point to the fact that people are fed up with government and the clear inability of those presently in power to get anything done. That seems to be the biggest factor behind the remarkable success of Donald Trump and why he has been able to send the other candidates, one by one, to the sidelines.

But why I find all of this more disturbing than fascinating is that those presently running have fallen victim to the exact phenomenon that has created the problem they are trying to fix.

The fundamental problem in Washington, in my opinion, is that those in office don’t understand a fundamental principle of life and that is: you can either be right  or happy. Those two choices are mutually exclusive. Regardless of what you think, if you choose being right, there is no possibility of being happy. If you want to be happy, you have to give up the need to be right.

You can see clearly how this plays out in Washington today. The democrats want to be right and the republicans want to be right. Obama wants to be right and Congress wants to be right. Even different factions of each party want to be right. Under such circumstances, working together is not a possibility. And it’s gotten so bad, nothing gets done. The result is that the American public is angry, and justifiably so. Nothing is getting done and most people are suffering as a result.

But those running for office have fallen into the same trap. Just listen to Bernie and Hillary go after each other. Just watch as Trump, Cruz and Kasich attack each other. What are they all doing? At the most basic level, they are each saying “I’m right and everyone else is wrong!”

I know that we all hope, whoever wins, that things will be different and some of the really serious issues our country faces will get addressed and resolved. But do you really think that will happen? The race for president has gotten so incredibly ugly, and I’m sure you realize that the worst is yet to come, I just don’t see much of a possibility that we will suddenly all decide to just be happy, give up our need to be right, and work together on behalf of all of us. I’d be interested in your opinion. I hope I’m wrong.   

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