Focus on your feelings

In all of my recent posts, in discussing the law of cause and effect, I have focused so far on the power of your thoughts. I now want to take this conversation to a deeper level and offer you this possibly new strategy to accelerate the process of manifesting your desires: focus on your feelings!

Think about it. Why do you want the things you desire? Why do people so much enjoy eating? Why do people drink, take drugs, participate in sports, watch TV, read a good book, have sex? There’s one answer to all of those questions – we’re looking for a feeling. And what’s the feeling we’re looking for? Mostly it’s to be happy, although there are other sub-feelings included in that.

So you do the things you do and you want the things you want because you think to do those things and have those things will make you happy. If you can get that simple fact, then the pathway to accelerating the process of manifesting your desires is to focus on the feelings you would have if all of your desires were your reality. Instead of focusing on the things, focus on the feelings. Actually, it would be best to forget entirely about the things and focus entirely on the feelings, since that’s what you really want anyway.

Now for those of you who want to know why everything works the way it works, including what I’m suggesting here, here’s a review of what we’ve been discussing:

1. You create everything in your life

2. You create with your thoughts and your thoughts create feelings.

3. Energetically, you attract those things that are consistent with your feelings.

4. So, in effect, as a creator, you will always experience the effects of your feelings. That’s the law of cause and effect in a nutshell.

5. If you’re not happy, you’ll create circumstances to support you in not being happy

6. If you’re happy, you’ll create circumstances to support you in being happy.

If you understand this, or not, how most people sabotage themselves is that they spend most of their time being unhappy because they focus on the things they want and don’t have and that makes them unhappy. It should be obvious from the above that this just results in creating more circumstances to support them in being unhappy.

If you want to stop the sabotage, focus on the feelings you would have if all your desires were your reality and see if that doesn’t attract to you all of those desires. If you’ve never thought about this or tried it out, give it a try and let me know what the results are. I’ll publish them to inspire us all and perhaps we can all support each other in creating the lives and businesses of our dreams.

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