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What you lose is what you don’t bet when you win!

Do you realize that the value you get out of any activity you participate in is directly a function of what you have at stake in participating in that activity?

Let me explain: Many years ago, I participated in an event where the organizers put some of the greatest sports coaches in a TV studio and interviewed them to determine... Read More ➝

How to deal with what you don’t know you don’t know!

Now that you’ve hopefully taken some time to examine your “beliefs,” and hopefully have seen that many of the things you assume or believe may just not be the “truth,” let’s take this a step further.

I’m sure you realize that there is much that you know. You know how to tie your shoe laces, drive a car, dial a... Read More ➝

Be careful what you choose to believe!

The definition of a “belief”: A thought or idea that you repeat to yourself over and over again because you think it’s the truth. With that definition, I’m sure you’re clear that there are many things that you believe. And it’s not “bad” to have beliefs. For example, it surely is good to believe that it’s not right to... Read More ➝

More thoughts on being judgmental

Would you like to know how to make life easy? I don’t have an answer for that but here are a couple of questions I do have an answer for: Would you like to know how to have life be easier? More peaceful? Less stressful? Would you like to know how to have all your relationships improve? You can... Read More ➝

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