All things are lessons we are here to learn

Would you like to eliminate a major amount of the unhappiness, frustration, disappointment and stress you experience in your day to day activities? Especially now with this unnerving election around the corner? If the answer is yes, this can be experienced simply by adopting the philosophy: all things are lessons I am here to learn.

lessons-we-are-here-to-learnWhy is that philosophy so effective? Because mostly we feel victimized by the circumstances of life, do not understand why many things happen the way they do, and allow ourselves to judge those circumstances as good or bad or right or wrong. Given we do that, it hopefully goes without saying that statistically, half the time we will judge our circumstances as bad and/or wrong. Since they are there anyway, we end up being unhappy, frustrated, etc.

What happens when you adopt the philosophy I’m suggesting? You stop judging circumstances as good or bad or right or wrong. They are just circumstances designed for you to learn and grow and become more effective. You no longer feel victimized by life and instead look at all circumstances as designed for your benefit. What there is then to do is to do your best to respond to the circumstances in as effective a way as possible.

So especially now, instead of being at the effect of our circumstances, we’re in action dealing with them. That alone has you feel powerful and in charge of your life. Then, being in action, you will produce a result. The final step is to see how things turned out. If you’re pleased with the outcome, what there is to do is to pat yourself on the back and give yourself an atta boy. And that is important. You have to be willing to acknowledge yourself both for the willingness to take action and the ability to produce a favorable result.

If, on the other hand, you are not pleased with the outcome, which many of us will be next Wednesday, rather than making ourselves wrong, let’s ask ourselves: what is there to learn from this situation so that next time we will have a greater likelihood of producing a favorable outcome? Again, all things are lessons we are here to learn. So use the opportunity to learn and again acknowledge yourself for your willingness to take a risk and get into action.

With this approach, you literally should never feel like a victim, you should never feel frustrated or unhappy, and you can learn to experience your life as a grand adventure. As Helen Keller once said, life is either a daring adventure or nothing! Now choose.

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