Another key to success: choose your attitude

In my last few posts, I have stated that we human beings almost always look for the solution to the problems and challenges we face in a place where the answer cannot be found, which is why so many find themselves faced with what appear to be unsolvable problems. I also stated that this results from a misunderstanding of the fundamental law of cause and effect. I concluded that if you want to be able to consistently resolve the challenges you face, you must learn to look at life and business from the proper perspective, which can be represented as: be –> do –> have. In other words, who you are being when you do whatever you do is what determines what you have.

Here is another practical step you can take to fundamentally alter who you are being: Choose your attitude! Why is this so important? Because while your thoughts are the seeds that get planted and ultimately grow, it is your attitude that waters the soil. So, having a “good” attitude is critical to you having what you want.

I try to boil everything down to the simplest terms possible so you don’t have to effort in putting these principles into practice. So, consider the possibility that fundamentally, there are only two attitudes: love and fear. What does love look like in action: joy, passion, excitement, enthusiasm, optimism, faith, trust, confidence and belief in abundance. What does fear look like in action: worry, concern, frustration, anger, resentment, disappointment, depression, blaming, accusing and a belief in scarcity.

Here’s the real problem for most: if you don’t choose love, you get fear by default. This is the biggest reason why so many people don’t have what they want. It’s not that a loving attitude is better than a fearful attitude, it’s just that they produce different results. A loving attitude is like putting fertilizer on the soil where your dreams are planted whereas a fearful attitude is like putting acid on the soil.

I once heard it said that “no successful person allows their circumstances to dictate their attitude. Successful people choose their attitude and bring it to the circumstances.” That my friends is a tweetable statement. 

I have a dear friend who is incredibly successful. He has a 7-figure income, a gorgeous wife and two great kids, lives in a villa he built and is a top-ranked professional speaker. He is also the most enthusiastic and happy human being I have ever met. He was being interviewed one day and was asked if he credited his huge success for his wonderful attitude. He thought that was the case. I told him I disagreed. For me, his huge success was the result of his wonderful attitude.

As I keep saying each week, if you don’t like the movie you’re seeing, it’s not going to help to cut up the screen. You’ve got to go to work on the projector. In this case, you’re the projector and that’s where you need to be willing to do the work. And what I’ve written here is another practical example I can give you of how to make this work. You must choose your attitude. You know the old expression: you can either see the glass half empty or half full? It’s an old expression because which you choose actually matters. In this case, choose love over fear and see how your life and business change.

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