Believe it or not: You are a genius!

In what is turning out to be my most requested speech, Creating an Outrageously Successful Organization, I go into great detail about what your “owner’s manual” would have said if you received one when you were born. That alone is an interesting idea, to think you should have been given an owner’s manual when you arrived here. Anyway, I go on to make the point that hardly anyone operates their life in the way they would if they had received and read their owner’s manual. It’s like driving your car with your hands on the rear-view mirror and wondering why you keep crashing into the wall!

If you had received such an owner’s manual, the first thing it would have said is that you have now been born with the exact same power to create as everyone else and you can create anything you can put your mind to. I even go so far as to tell everyone that they were born a genius. Those of you who have heard me speak remember hearing me say that.

Of course, the problem is that hardly anyone believes that. As hard as I try, it’s really difficult to convince people of this. So, it is interesting that I have recently come across many brilliant people who have addressed this subject and I’d like to share with you what they have had to say.

The first is Buckminster Fuller who said “Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.” Of course, what he is referring to is that in the process of living, we develop an ego which clearly tells us just the opposite. But please note that he repeats that everyone is born a genius. Even Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a genius.”

The last is the famous Dr. Wayne Dyer who, during his life, was an amazing teacher and writer. I offer you the following excerpt pulled from one of his Blog Posts: “Genius is a potential that lives within you and every other human being. You have many moments of genius in your lifetime. These are the times when you have a uniquely brilliant idea and implement it even if only you are aware of how fantastic it is. Perhaps you created something absolutely astonishing and you even amazed yourself.

“There is no such thing as luck or accidents in this purposeful universe. Not only is everything connected to everything else, but no one is excluded from the universal Source called intention. And genius, since it’s a characteristic of the universal Source, must be universal, which means that it’s in no way restricted. It’s available to every single human being.”

He goes on to say that “there are 9 habits of creative genius you can cultivate in your daily life.” I have found them to be highly useful for myself and so offer them to you for your consideration:

“Habit 1: Declare yourself to be a genius!

Habit 2: Pay attention to your thoughts

Habit 3: Step boldly in the direction of your inner intuitive inclinations

Habit 4: Believe in the validity of your thoughts

Habit 5: Cultivate gratitude, be an appreciator of life

Habit 6: Achieve a state of child-like wonderment, practice radical humility

Habit 7: Remove doubt and resistance

Habit 8: Look for the genius in others

Habit 9: Simplify your life.

Now embrace your genius and go forth with humility and grace.”

Not much more I can add to that. Even if you don’t believe me, surely you must place value on the teachings of these three great men.

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