Every person in you life is a gift

In my last post, I stated that we human beings almost always look for the solution to the problems and challenges we face in a place where the answer cannot be found, which  is why so many find themselves faced with what appear to be unsolvable problems. I also stated that this results from a misunderstanding of the fundamental law of cause and effect. I concluded that if you want to be able to consistently resolve the challenges you face, you must learn to look at life and business from the proper perspective, which can be represented as: be –> do –> have. In other words, who you are being when you do whatever you do is what determines what you have.

What you are seeing in front of you is always the result of your past thoughts. In other words, it’s like every thought you have, which equates to who you’re being in the moment, shoots an arrow into the future where it will eventually land in front of you. So if all you are ever seeing are the results of your past thoughts, the only way you can change what you will see in the future is to change your thoughts today. That’s the true meaning of cause and effect.

There are many areas where we struggle with this idea and resist making the necessary corrections. For example, let’s say you have somebody in your life who is creating a problem for you and, in some way, robbing you of your peace. Let’s say you experience them as being rude, inconsiderate, self-centered, and mean-spirited. They can be someone in your personal life, someone you deal with in business, or even someone you know of that you don’t have anything to do with personally. To have this point be effective for you, choose someone in your life that qualifies for this example.

Are you willing to consider the possibility that you have created this person in your life and handed them a script to play so that you can validate your belief that people can be rude, inconsiderate, self-centered, and mean-spirited? Are you willing to consider the possibility that they are just the results of your past thoughts and showing you beliefs that you have that need to be healed? It’s pretty darn tough to take the worst people in your life and take responsibility for everything they are and everything they do.

So, we spend our time trying to figure out what to do with them, but that never provides a satisfactory solution. And this is exactly what your ego wants you to do, focus your energy in the world of the effects so you never confront what the real source of your problems are, your past thoughts, meaning, beliefs you decided on in the past that now need to be confronted and healed.

Next week I’m going to give you more examples of how we look at the law of cause and effect backwards. But in the meantime, use the people in your life and remember, your eyes are only showing you what you believe to be true. You can only either be loving or judgmental. Your judgments are blocking you from seeing the love that is the essence of all human beings. Everyone you encounter is an opportunity to discover what you have made up about people and let those unloving thoughts go. Why do this? Try it and you’ll find out.

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