Here's how to have 2017 be your best year yet

The New Year is just around the corner. For me, I always look forward to the new year with a heightened level of excitement and anticipation because of 2 things I do at the end of every year. Because I post a rather lengthy description of the 2 things almost every year, this year I’m going to summarize my ideas and invite you to send me an e mail for a greater description. If the following ideas resonate with you, send an e mail to me at and I’ll send you the amplified version of the following.

First, to be prepared for the New Year, you must first be complete with 2016 and the past. It’s not complicated to be complete with your past, but most people don’t do it. The problem with not being complete with the past is twofold: first, you drag the events of the past with you into the new year, and this weighs you down, and second, you’re trying to create a new future on a slate which is not clean and clear.

Assuming you’re now open to completing your past, the process is quite simple. Either on your own or with a family member or friend or with a work team, do the following: Acknowledge what happened in the past that was either an accomplishment or a source of pleasure. I have been going through my calendar, day by day, since 1/1/16 and making a long list of these events.

Second, acknowledge what happened in 2016 that was either a disappointment or a source of displeasure. I’ve been making this list too. Then, thank everyone in your life that brought you pleasure. You don’t have to do it to them, just acknowledge them to whomever you’re doing the process with. Next, forgive EVERYONE that in any way disappointed you, people you know and people you know of. This is critically important.

Finally, say whatever it is you need to say to be complete with 2016 and declare yourself complete. Again, I have a sheet with these instructions in a bit greater detail that I would be happy to send you upon request.

Once you are complete with the past, the second thing you want to do is to be clear about what you want to accomplish in 2017. You can do this in any one of many ways. If you have a clearly articulated vision for your future, you can stand in that vision, look back from there, and create a picture of how much of your vision you want to accomplish by 12/31/17. Or you can just create that from here looking forward. In either event (and I can send you instructions for creating your vision upon request), you must create a clear and detailed picture of what you want your life and/or company to look like by the end of next year.

Then, come 1/1/17, read that vision every day and run your life and business assuming it will all become a reality. Think about it, feel what it will feel like when it becomes a reality, trust it will happen, be excited for that reality, and just do whatever is in front of you to do that feels like the best thing to do to move you in the direction of your vision. As I said last week, choose to believe that we live in a friendly universe and that if you give the universe a clear and complete picture of what you want your year to look like, it will do its job and deliver.

We have been coaching organizations for over 30 years in implementing these types of ideas into the organization culture, producing remarkable and dynamic growth. If you would like to start the year on a good track, please give us a call?

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