Life is about the choices you make

In my last post, in discussing the law of cause and effect, I offered you a possibly new strategy to accelerate the process of manifesting your desires: focus on your feelings! I suggested that the pathway to accelerating the process of manifesting your desires is to focus on the feelings you would have if all of your desires were your reality. Instead of focusing on the things, focus on the feelings.

How does this work on a practical level? It’s not all that difficult once you understand that your life is all about the choices you make. This being the case, instead of reacting to the circumstances of life and having your emotions being like a weather vane, responding to whatever happens to be going on in the moment, choose to be happy and satisfied. Choose to be optimistic, positive and enthusiastic. Instead of worrying about what or what might not happen in the future, choose to have faith and trust that everything will work out just fine.


Look for things to appreciate wherever you are, even the little things. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for your home, your neighborhood, your family, that you have a place to live and food to eat, that you have a job to go to and people to work with, that there are people in your life that you love and who love you, and even that you woke up this morning. It’s so easy for us to spend our time complaining about what’s not working. Learn to do just the opposite.

Speak only about what you love and makes you happy. Focus on what’s working and the good news of the day. Don’t start your day watching CNN, which stands for constantly negative news, or any other news channel. It’s all about what’s not working in the world. You can’t afford to start your day that way. Start your day in meditation and/or prayer and read something inspiring. Ask your mind to look for things that will make you happy.

And here’s the most important part. Do not allow yourself to feel irritated or disappointed. Life is not meant to be a perfect experience. It’s much more of a laboratory in which you learn that if you get lemons, you appreciate them and make lemonade. It’s never what happens that determines the quality of your life, it’s how you respond to what happens that makes all the difference. Learn to respond to everything as best you can.

And try this for the next week: no complaints, no blaming, no criticizing and no gossip. There’s a minister that wrote a book about this. You put a yellow elastic band on your wrist and every time you complained, blamed, criticized or gossiped, you had to snap the band and move it to the other wrist. The trick was to see if you could go two weeks without having to do that. We’re so used to complaining, it took the average person quite a while, more than a month, to be able to go even a day without switching the band.

This is your life. It’s not a dress rehearsal for the real life. This is it, right here and right now. Learn to make good choices and it can be a glorious experience!