Our Approach

Enlightened Business Growth is a way of building businesses based on faith, trust, possibility and abundance. People who practice Enlightened Business Growth:

  • Create relationships grounded in trust and respect.
  • Listen so that people have an experience of being heard.
  • Are fulfilled and productive at work.
  • Make clear, decisive and powerful choices
  • Build championship-caliber teams.
  • Take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.
  • Have a clear sense of purpose.
  • Make decisions that are aligned with their vision.
  • Experience a life of grace and ease.


Enlightened Business Growth is a transformational 15-step process that enables people in organizations to get unstuck and achieve breakthrough outcomes and extraordinary performance. The process requires people to take the following actions:

  1. Wake up to the fact that there is an existing paradigm.
  2. Distinguish the nature and components of their internal conversation.
  3. Shift their attention from themselves and their survival to others and the contribution they can make to them.
  4. Get that they are the source and creator of their reality.
  5. Get that happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment are choices they make.
  6. Let go of their judgments about people and look for the gold in them instead.
  7. Develop an appreciation of the law of cause and effect.
  8. Distinguish the predominant world paradigm of fear and scarcity.
  9. Take a stand for their own worth and value.
  10. Eliminate complaints and gossip from their organizations.
  11. See why the “honeymoon stage” of our relationships ends all too soon.
  12. Clean up the messes they’ve made in their relationships.
  13. Clarify fully the way of being that results in Enlightened Business Growth.
  14. Define a new paradigm of being related.
  15. Align on a vision for the future.


Once people complete the 15 steps, they:

  1. Become receptive to the possibility that there may be another, more powerful way for them to think.
  2. Simplify their life into two diametrically opposed paths – they have to and do choose.
  3. Transform all of their relationships at home and at work.
  4. Take responsibility for everything in their life – they stop being a victim.
  5. Shift from a circumstantially determined life to a chosen life of joy, happiness and satisfaction.
  6. Experience an extraordinary level of intimacy with the people in their life.
  7. See that their thoughts create their attitude/mood which determines their results.
  8. Shift to a paradigm of faith, trust, possibility and abundance.
  9. Begin to see and appreciate the magnificence in others.
  10. Create an organizational mood of joy and excitement.
  11. Stop withholding their disappointments and upsets and start communicating responsibly.
  12. Create an opening for championship caliber teamwork.
  13. Make decisions and choices consciously and wisely.
  14. Create “partnership” as a fundamental way of being with others.
  15. Operate consist with their vision rather than your circumstances.