Creating an Outrageously Successful Organization

2 Audio CDs


When you really stop to think about it, it’s rather amazing how many things we are told determine the success of an organization which are simply not true. And our definition of success is that you consistently achieve and/or exceed your objectives, both in sales and profitability.

So, for example, we are told that if you know the “right” things to do and do them, you’ll be successful. This is totally untrue. It’s a myth. Yet this belief is so engrained in our culture that every leader goes to seminars and programs and reads books to learn what the experts know so they can do the same thing to produce desired results.

We’re also told to get a good education because after all, how smart you are and how educated you are will determine your success. Another myth. We all know really smart and well educated people who aren’t very successful and not so smart people that are very successful. Then we’re told that success comes from hard work. Again, this just isn’t true. Another myth. Some of the hardest working people are the least successful and some people who hardly work at all are very successful.

Some of the other things we’re told which also have nothing to do with our success are: luck, who you know, being in the right place at the right time, hiring really good people, and having a great product or a great service. While it’s nice to have those things, they will not ultimately determine whether you are successful or not.

Would you like to know what the ONLY factor is that determines your success?

This two-hour audio program, which was recorded live in 2010, discusses the above and then describes what scientists are now proving is the determining factor of our success. That is, science has proven that matter is actually not the hard substance we view with our naked eyes. Instead, each piece of matter, including a rock, a car and even the human body, is comprised of small particles. These particles have names such as cells, molecules, atoms and quarks.

The human body is 100% comprised of billions of these cells, molecules, atoms and quarks. They are the building blocks of all human bodies.

And what are these particles made of? Quantum physicists have confirmed that they are 100% comprised of energy. Using high-power viewing and testing equipment, scientists can see the actual vibrations or energy patterns of these cells, molecules, atoms and quarks.

So your body is comprised of vibrating energy assembled together to form you. You are actually energy focused into a human form.

What does this have to do with your success? Everything. Because how you think, your feelings, your emotions and your attitudes literally determine the frequency of your vibration. And, it has been scientifically proven that the higher in frequency your vibration, the greater likelihood that you’ll get what you want in life and not get what you don’t want.

In this program, Scott explains all of this in great detail and how you can use this information to gradually but powerfully become more and more successful and continuously increase the percentage of the time you get what you want.

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