Creating Outrageously Wonderful Customer Service

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Here’s a well kept secret: customer service is not something you do, it’s not something you teach, it’s not something you put in. Great customer service is a natural by-product of a great company, with a great culture. And that’s the job of leadership. Here’s what you want to know as a leader:

People treat others in response to how they are treated. Treat people crappy and they’ll treat your clients crappy. Treat people great and they’ll provide great customer service. It’s really that simple. Great customer service is provided by happy, enthusiastic, satisfied employees.

And therein lies the problem. Only 6% of American workers say they love their jobs? To make matters worse, job satisfaction is at an all time low: at least 55% of American workers are not at all happy with and may even hate their jobs! This lecture contains some really good news: it doesn’t have to be that way! If you understand certain basics, you can create a winning atmosphere at work, you can have a world-class organization, and you can provide outrageously wonderful customer service. The key is to know how to create an environment that so supports and nurtures your employees, that quite naturally provide this type of service.

Here are the keys that are developed more fully in the lecture:

  • Get really interested in people
  • Look for the goodness in people
  • Be about serving people
  • Don’t make up bad “stuff” about people
  • Learn to acknowledge people
  • Practice forgiveness

Once you understand those principles and learn to implement them effectively, the sky is the limit when it comes to customer service.

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