Creating Outrageously Wonderful Relationships

Audio CD


Less than 6 % of American workers say they love their jobs. To make matters worse, more than 55% say they hate their jobs. Do you realize how much unhappiness at work is costing us? It is estimated that it costs American companies $300 billion a year in stress-related claims. That’s $7,500 per employee, just for being unhappy. And when you add in what it costs in terms of turnover, absenteeism, and the lack of creativity and productivity, the cost is in the trillions. Just look at our culture: Monday is blue Monday, Wednesday is hump day and then Thank God it’s Friday. Do you want to know why? A huge reason is that people don’t have wonderful relationships with the people they work with and for.

Here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be that way. You can have rich, meaningful, quality relationships with the people at work – yes, I do mean with those exact same people you now work with.

This audio program first discusses what a paradigm is, that we live in a paradigm, and we are mostly unconscious about the nature of that paradigm. It points out that a paradigm is like water to the fish and that as long as the fish is in the water, that’s all there is. That’s the way it is for us. And, the reason why it is the way it is is because that’s the way the paradigm is set up. It’s only by becoming conscious of the paradigm can we begin to change the way we operate and produce the results we are not yet producing.

This program then distinguishes the conversation we live in, where it came from, and that it is going on in our heads 24/7. Mostly we don’t pay attention to this conversation, but we need to as it is very important. Why?

Because people are NEVER listening to others. They are listening to others THROUGH their own internal conversation. That internal conversation is always judging and analyzing what is being said and preparing its response. This is why people mostly don’t have the experience of being heard. When that conversation is explored further, it is seen that in the current paradigm, we have our attention on ourselves and what we are concerned with is our survival.

So this is why relationships don’t work. Party A has their attention on themselves and is concerned with their survival, Party B has their attention on themselves and is concerned with their survival, so whose listening to whom?

This program then distinguishes another way of listening, where we manage out internal conversation so that our attention is on the other person and this opens the door to rich, meaningful, quality interactions, the heart of success in relationship.

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