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Unshackled Leadership (book)

Soft Cover Edition – 256 Pages
This is the book that articulates the ground-breaking ideas know as Unshackled Leadership.

Creating Outrageously Successful Organization (Audio CD)

In this presentation, you will learn that all of the things you’ve been told that determine the success of an organization are actually myths. Which is why, over 90% of companies never achieve the success they desire. Scott further identifies the ONE AND ONLY factor which, in the final analysis, determines the level of success your organization will achieve.

Creating a Winning Atmosphere at Work (Audio CD)

This is a recording of a 90 minute presentation by Scott Hunter to a group of about 450 legal administrators. It identifies the reasons why people don’t have the same level of aliveness, enthusiasm, and passion at work that you often see on professional sports teams. It then goes on to explain what any manager can do to create that kind of atmosphere at work, have people feel empowered, acknowledged, and appreciated, and bring out the best in people. This presentation is for anyone who is serious about creating an atmosphere that is alive, enriching, and winning in their firm or company.

Creating Outrageously Wonderful Customer Service (Audio CD)

Successful business owners know how important it is to develop a foundation of strong customer service. They know that customers prefer to do business with people they like, with people who seem genuinely interested in them, and with people who really care about their concerns. So unless all company employees are willing to appropriately start and then nurture the customer relationship, customers won’t return and they certainly won’t refer their friends.

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