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Unshackled Leadership (book)

Soft Cover Edition – 256 Pages
This is the book that articulates the ground-breaking ideas know as Unshackled Leadership.

Creating Outrageously Wonderful Relationships (Audio CD)

This is a live recording of a presentation made by Scott Hunter at an international convention. It is a simple reality in life that we accomplish very little on our own. Everything of significance we do is usually done in cooperation with other people. So, having rich, meaningful, quality relationships with others is critically important. Unfortunately, most people don’t have such relationships. This program solves that problem once and for all.

Yes, We Have to Work Together, But Does it Have to be so Painful? (Audio CD)

If you ask just about anyone, especially people who run businesses or manage others, what their biggest challenge is on a day-to-day basis, and they give you an honest answer, the answer will invariably be: dealing with other people! And indeed that is a major problem. With all of the advances we have experienced in technology and becoming a global society, there seems to be no significant improvement in us just learning to get along. This live presentation by Scott Hunter finally solves the problem.

Living a Life You Love (Audio CD)

This is a recording of a presentation by Scott Hunter to a breakfast club that meets weekly to hear informative and motivational speakers. Scott captures, in this 45 minute presentation, what he has concluded after a 20 year inquiry into what it takes to truly have and live a life you love. Scott concludes that at every moment we are at choice, but often make our choices unwisely, unconsciously, and from the past. He suggests that the challenge in life is to make our choices consciously, wisely, and looking to the future. The key areas of life that are discussed are occupation, happiness, wealth.

The reality is that I didn’t have a life that I loved. In fact, I awoke one day in 1977 and looked at my life and there wasn’t much about it that I loved. So I embarked on what has been a 20+ year journey to discover what it takes to have a life that you love and this program reports on what I have found on that journey.

The most significant thing for you to understand is that every day, you are a choice. You are ALWAYS choosing how you respond and approach everything in your life, but mostly you don’t realize that so you don’t choose consciously and wisely. Which is unfortunate because the way life works is that you get the consequences of your choices. Which is worthwhile knowing because your life is always a perfect feedback mechanism.

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