Ready to make some New Year's resolutions?

One of the things that many people do at the end of the year is make new year’s resolutions. Many others avoid them like the plague. For those that do make them, studies show that most last for a week or two and then are quickly forgotten. Regardless of which group you are in, I invite you to consider the following.

One of the reasons so many people do not set goals for the new year is that they know they will not work on keeping them. Or, they know that no matter how hard they try, there will be overwhelming problems and challenges that will encourage them to quit.

Similarly, people who do set goals are often stopped by the challenges associated with keeping after the goals. In either event, we have a problem in how we relate to problems.

Think about this: mostly, we view problems as a bad thing. We look at our lives and they are filled with problems and we actually think that life would be so much better if we didn’t have all these problems. And that attitude stops us from setting goals or keeping them if we do set them.

I invite you to consider another viewpoint. If you want to stay the same person you are today for the rest of your life, never learn anything new, and never become more of who you are, don’t ever set another goal. Like that idea? Pretty dull!!!

But if you want to become more of who you are, set goals. In fact, set big goals, really big ones. Then, you know what will happen? You will encounter problems. The bigger the goals, the bigger the problems. And here’s the key: the problems are what you need to work through to grow. Whether you achieve the goal or not doesn’t matter. Some time you will and some time you won’t. But who you become in dealing with the problems is the key.

So just change your attitude about problems. Learn to look at them as the juice of life, the opportunities the Universe sends you to become the amazing person you where meant to be. Set some goals for 2018, and have some of them be outrageous, and get ready to have an exciting new year.

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