Spend your time thinking about what you want

In my last few posts, I stated that we human beings almost always look for the solution to the problems and challenges we face in a place where the answer cannot be found, which is why so many find themselves faced with what appear to be unsolvable problems. I also stated that this results from a misunderstanding of the fundamental law of cause and effect. I concluded that if you want to be able to consistently resolve the challenges you face, you must learn to look at life and business from the proper perspective, which can be represented as: be –> do –> have. In other words, who you are being when you do whatever you do is what determines what you have.

So, if all you are ever seeing are the results of your past thoughts, the only way you can change what you will see in the future is to change your thoughts today. That’s the true meaning of cause and effect.

Here is a practical step you can take to fundamentally alter who you are being: Spend your time thinking about what you want. It’s amazing how many people don’t know what they want. Ask them and they’ll tell you what they don’t want. But if you’re constantly thinking about what you don’t want, you’ll create a future filled with all the things you don’t want. And then you’ll get to be right that all of this is a bunch of baloney.

If I were to hand you a magic lantern and told you that if you rubbed it, out would pop a genie that would give you everything you want for the rest of your life, would you know what to tell the genie? Very few people would. Most people seem to spend their time thinking about what’s going on in their life and business right now, the problems they have right now, what’s not working right now, and wonder why the future keeps looking like right now.

Back in 1989, I was reading a book that asked the provocative question: how would you be living your life if you were living consistent with your highest vision? Not having an answer, I set out to find out. Every night, I wrote on an old legal paid left over from my lawyer days what my life would look like if I was living consistent with my highest vision. It took a while for the ideas to start to flow but I stuck with the task and wrote every single night for almost 3 months. When I got done, I typed it all up and started every day by reading what I wrote and imagining living that life, not the one I had at the moment, but that new life.

What I didn’t realize I was doing at the time was altering who I was being. I became a person with a new life. Then, I took actions consistent with having that life. The great end of that story is that while it took almost 18 years, I created and now live that life. A perfect example of be -> do -> have.

As I said last week, if you don’t like the movie you’re seeing, it’s not going to help to cut up the screen. You’ve got to go to work on the projector. In this case, you’re the projector and that’s where you need to be willing to do the work. And what I’ve written here is the most practical example I can give you of how to make this work. Stop complaining about your circumstances. Nobody cares about your complaints and you shouldn’t either. Your circumstances are just the result of your past thinking. Take responsibility for that and change your thinking. That’s the only thing that will change your life.

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