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How are you doing with your integrity?

I previously stated that successful people think differently than unsuccessful people – that’s the bottom line. So the only way to become successful is to learn to think the way successful people think. And, because they think differently, successful people also act differently than unsuccessful people. And truly successful people operate with integrity.

Most people don’t... Read More ➝

Are you enjoying the run for the White House?

I don't know about you but I'm finding the present race to become the next president of the United States to be both fascinating and disturbing. The fascinating part is the degree to which what would be considered to be the traditional types that run for office have fallen by the wayside. On the Republican side in particular,... Read More ➝

Searching for an ideal future

Continuing with the question I presented to you as we began 2016: Who will you be in 2016 and at what level are you going to play, just as I was trying to decided what to write about next, a friend of mine, Jeff Black, sent me a great story I would like to share. The story is... Read More ➝

Are you willing to forgive, everyone, for everything?

Continuing with the question I presented to you as we began 2016: Who will you be in 2016 and at what level are you going to play, this question may boil down to you asking yourself: are you willing to forgive, everyone, for everything?

As I said last week, we have an almost desperate desire to be right,... Read More ➝

Make Things Better by altering your worldview

Do you want to have a breakthrough at work? Do you want the results of your company to increase dramatically? Do you want to feel more energized, more enthusiastic, happier? All of these things are a lot easier to obtain than I’m sure you realize. It’s all about changing your worldview.

I’m going to keep this simple because it is... Read More ➝

The Power of Beliefs – your wealth is limited by your beliefs about money

In my last post, where I discussed our beliefs about money and wealth, I stated that people actually believe they create money/wealth with what they do and that this belief is complete nonsense. You do not create money/wealth with what you do. You are a creative being. Like everything else in life, you create with your thoughts and your... Read More ➝

We limit ourselves because we have an identity issue

The 2015 Roadmap to Success Coaching Program I’ve been writing about continues its progress with participants from all over the United States and Canada. To review, each and every one of us was born with the same creative powers. We each have the power to create practically anything and, in fact, we are creating all the time. What we... Read More ➝