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More on dealing with “difficult people”

In last week’s post, in discussing how to deal with difficult people, I explained the following:

When a human being wakes up, a conversation boots up that determines how the human being operates and what it can do. For the vast majority of people, the conversation is that of the ego and, as Deepak Chopra says, the ego mind believes... Read More ➝

There is a way to deal with “difficult people”

From the conversations we have with people in management positions in organizations of all types, the number one issue continues to be how to deal with difficult people; people who don’t get along with others, who treat others disrespectfully, who are disruptive, the list goes on and on. The inevitable comment and question is always the same: I’ve talked... Read More ➝

It’s really not that hard to create a winning atmosphere at work

I mentioned in my last post that I had spent an entire day last week training a group of individuals at Linkedin in Sunnyvale, CA in the Unshackled Leadership philosophy. I mentioned that I was exposed to the amazing lifestyle that exists at companies like Linkedin. At the lunch break, we all went up to the cafeteria where everyone... Read More ➝

The 2015 Roadmap to Success Coaching Program starts Monday

As I have mentioned a couple of times recently, one of the most exciting things I’ve done in my 30 years of coaching has been to develop the Roadmap to Success online coaching program which I launched in early 2013. It was a 9 month program that included monthly coaching calls and unlimited access to me for... Read More ➝

Redefining the Role of a Leader

I just returned from Washington, DC, where I had the extraordinary opportunity to participate as a speaker at the CoreNet Global Summit which was held at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. For those of you unfamiliar with CoreNet Global, it is the organization that represents people involved in corporate real estate. Who comes to the... Read More ➝