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How we sabotage our relationships, at work and elsewhere

I want to talk some more about how we all seem to sabotage ourselves in our relationships with others. This conversation applies to bosses with their employees, employees with their bosses, individuals with their spouses, children and friends and even how we relate to strangers and casual acquaintances. Have I covered every situation?

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The Power of Beliefs – One way to change them

In my last few posts, I’ve been exploring the relationship between our beliefs and our results. Stated simply, but accurately, our beliefs determine our thoughts, our thoughts determine our emotions, those determine our actions and our actions determine our results. So in the world of cause and effect, beliefs are cause and results are the effects.

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Effective teamwork is dependent on effective communication

In my last post, in discussing the AMA/Institute for Corporate Productivity team defining coaching as “a short- to medium-term relationship between a manager or senior leader and a consultant (internal or external) with the purpose of improving work performance,” I commented that I found it unfortunate that coaching has become thought of in such a limited way. Our findings are... Read More ➝