The real source of your success

In the last few posts, I’ve been asking what is the formula for success and if there is indeed such a formula. Here are a few more responses to my question about the source of success:

“I believe the answer to all successful people is that they are motivated to succeed because it comes from THEIR OWN heart,... Read More ➝

Why not play full out?

As a follow up to what I wrote about last week, if you understand that life and business is not about winning or losing but rather is about winning or having learning experiences, the obvious next step is to learn to play full out. That is something most people don’t do. Why is that?

Look at it this way: you... Read More ➝

The fine art of goal setting

I’m going to assume, for the purpose of this conversation, that you set goals, whether they be weekly, monthly, yearly or long-term. My first question is: are your goals means goals or end goals? Examples of means goals are: make 5 sales calls, sell 6 widgets, get a promotion, buy a new car, buy a new home, sales of... Read More ➝

Searching for an ideal future

Continuing with the question I presented to you as we began 2016: Who will you be in 2016 and at what level are you going to play, just as I was trying to decided what to write about next, a friend of mine, Jeff Black, sent me a great story I would like to share. The story is... Read More ➝

Here’s the path to a happy New Year

As we approach the end of the year, we request that you use the following approach to be complete with the past, wipe the slate clean, and prepare yourself for a loving, joyous, and prosperous 2016. Don’t think about doing it. Just do it. You won’t be sorry and you’ll be pretty happy when it’s done.

The freedom... Read More ➝

The Power of Beliefs – choose to be joyous

In my last few posts, I’ve been exploring the relationship between our beliefs and our results. Stated simply, but accurately, our beliefs determine our thoughts, our thoughts determine our emotions, those determine our actions and our actions determine our results. So in the world of cause and effect, beliefs are cause and results are the effects.

I further pointed out... Read More ➝