personal growth

Focus on your feelings

In all of my recent posts, in discussing the law of cause and effect, I have focused so far on the power of your thoughts. I now want to take this conversation to a deeper level and offer you this possibly new strategy to accelerate the process of manifesting your desires: focus on your feelings!

Think about it. Why do... Read More ➝

The law of cause and effect

In the last issue, I stated that successful people think differently than unsuccessful people – that is the bottom line. So the only way to become successful is to learn to think the way successful people think.

Why is this true? Because there is something called the law of cause and effect. Let me quote from Chapter 9... Read More ➝

The real source of your success

In the last few posts, I’ve been asking what is the formula for success and if there is indeed such a formula. Here are a few more responses to my question about the source of success:

“I believe the answer to all successful people is that they are motivated to succeed because it comes from THEIR OWN heart,... Read More ➝

Are you enjoying the run for the White House?

I don't know about you but I'm finding the present race to become the next president of the United States to be both fascinating and disturbing. The fascinating part is the degree to which what would be considered to be the traditional types that run for office have fallen by the wayside. On the Republican side in particular,... Read More ➝

Searching for an ideal future

Continuing with the question I presented to you as we began 2016: Who will you be in 2016 and at what level are you going to play, just as I was trying to decided what to write about next, a friend of mine, Jeff Black, sent me a great story I would like to share. The story is... Read More ➝

You get to choose the world you see

In last week's post, I presented a question for you and an invitation: Who will you be in 2016 and at what level are you going to play? I proceeded to say that you have two choices: you can participate in the win/lose, right/wrong, you against me, fear-based competitive world, where you focus on what you can get... Read More ➝

The 2016 Roadmap to Success Coaching Program

One of the most exciting things I’ve done in my 30 years of coaching has been to develop the Roadmap to Success online coaching program which I launched in early 2013. Originally, It was a 9 month program that included monthly coaching calls and unlimited access to me for personal coaching via e-mail. The calls were all... Read More ➝

All relationships are a gift from the Universe

In my last post, I talked about how we all seem to sabotage ourselves in our relationships with others. I suggested that we look through the eyes of judgment and almost instantly create a story about who the other person is. And, the more we interact with the other person, the more complete and solid the story becomes.... Read More ➝

You either get to judge people or love them – now choose

As I mentioned last week, I recently gave a talk to an audience of mid-level managers of Fortune 1500 companies and offered all the attendees a free, one hour coaching session to discuss any business related issue. Last week I reported on one of the issues on the minds of so many peoplewho have management responsibilities in corporate... Read More ➝