teamwork and communication

More on dealing with “difficult people”

In last week’s post, in discussing how to deal with difficult people, I explained the following:

When a human being wakes up, a conversation boots up that determines how the human being operates and what it can do. For the vast majority of people, the conversation is that of the ego and, as Deepak Chopra says, the ego mind believes... Read More ➝

Effective teamwork is dependent on effective communication

In my last post, in discussing the AMA/Institute for Corporate Productivity team defining coaching as “a short- to medium-term relationship between a manager or senior leader and a consultant (internal or external) with the purpose of improving work performance,” I commented that I found it unfortunate that coaching has become thought of in such a limited way. Our findings are... Read More ➝

Taking Back Your Power

If you’re anything like me, or just about everyone else I’ve ever met, one of the things you struggle with, perhaps more than anything else, is your relationships with others. This could be a close family member, a co-worker, your boss or an employee. Would you like to resolve this issue for yourself and get to a place... Read More ➝