Watch what comes out of your mouth

In my last few posts, I’ve stated that we human beings almost always look for the solution to the problems and challenges we face in a place where the answer cannot be found. I also stated that this results from a misunderstanding of the fundamental law of cause and effect. I concluded that if you want to be able to consistently resolve the challenges you face, you must learn to look at life and business from the proper perspective, which can be represented as: be –> do –> have. In other words, who you are being when you do whatever you do is what determines what you have.

Here is another practical step you can take to fundamentally alter who you’re being: Watch what comes out of your mouth!

Let’s make it easy for you to get this. Focus not on yourself but on those you have frequent contact with. Notice that people say anything they darn please, without much thought about the impact of what they say. Notice how judgmental and critical people are. It often seems that everyone has an opinion or comment about everyone else. And, far too often, the opinion is judgmental and critical. People seem to have no hesitancy to say things that are negative and disempowering.

Now think about the degree to what I just asserted is true about you. Be honest. Aren’t you all too willing to have opinions about pretty much everyone in your life? What people don’t realize, and I’m asking you to realize, is that what comes out of your mouth literally shapes who you are. Last week I suggested there are basically only two attitudes, love and fear. Here I’m suggesting that either you’re a kind, compassionate, considerate and loving person or you’re not. And when you’re being judgmental and critical, you’re not.

Since who you’re being, determines what you ultimately have, can you see the advantage of being a kind, compassionate, considerate and loving person? You will have around you lots of other people like that and all the other consequences of being that way.

I’m asking you to think about what you’re going to say before you say it. One of my daily reminders is that if what I’m thinking about and/or about to say is not kind, considerate and compassionate, shut my mouth and change my mind. Understand that your words reflect your thoughts, your thoughts reflect your reality, and that those thoughts get planted in the fertile soil of creation and ultimately manifest.

Here’s a few more very practical ideas: speak only about what brings you joy. Focus on the good news of the day. Stop watching CNN which stands for Constantly, Negative, News. Ask your mind to help you look for things that will make you happy. Wouldn’t you really rather be happy than irritable?

And here’s the grand finale: do not allow yourself to feel irritated or disappointed. No complaining, blaming, criticizing or gossip. See if you can go an entire day that way. It might take you awhile but when you can finally do it, do it again and again until you can look in the mirror and see the kind, compassionate, considerate and loving person you and everyone around you deserves to be. You won’t be disappointed if you take on the challenge.

As I keep saying each week, if you don’t like the movie you’re seeing, it’s not going to help to cut up the screen. You’ve got to go to work on the projector and you’re the projector. What I’ve written here is another practical example I can give you of how to make this work.

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