Why Teamwork In The Workplace Should Be Managements #1 Priority

Teamwork in the workplace

  • There are many benefits to quality teamwork

There are so many benefits to quality teamwork in the workplace that it’s desirability is no longer in question. If for no other reason, people get a major portion of their happiness from their relationships with others and surely people want to be happy. But it doesn’t stop there. For example, Chris Leitch, in his article entitled, 10 Benefits of Teamwork in the Workplace, published in the May 9, 2017 issue of Company Culture, https://www.careeraddict.com/5-benefits-of-teamwork-in-the-workplace discusses the following benefits:

  1. Boosts Productivity
    Teamwork allows tasks to be shared so everyone does what they are best at. In addition, teamwork allows for backup so that one person doesn’t become overwhelmed with work while others sit by with not enough to keep them busy.
  1. Provides a Support Network
    It’s a simple fact that people perform best when they have support. Especially during difficult times, the ability to rely on others helps people make it through.
  1. Encourages Innovation
    We’ve all heard the expression: two heads are better than one, and it’s true. People come up with better ideas when they have others to bounce their ideas off of.
  1. Improves Morale
    Because of the greater likelihood of accomplishment when there is teamwork in the workplace, people feel better about themselves and others.
  1. Attracts Talent
    As I will discuss later, quality teamwork in the workplace creates an energy that attracts people to the organization
  1. Establishes Strong Relationships
    One of the greatest benefits of teamwork is that strong relationships and even friendships are created, making work a happier experience.
  1. Improves Service
    People like to do business with happy and friendly people and that’s exactly what teamwork creates.
  1. Allows Flexibility
    Collaboration often results in a greater ability for creating flexible work hours.
  1. Teaches Conflict Resolution Skills
    When people are part of a high-performance team, there is a greater likelihood that they will be motivated to peacefully resolve conflicts.
  1. Advances Your Career
    Quality teamwork in the workplace provides people opportunities to take on new challenges, grow, and learn leadership skills, all of which create career advancing opportunities.

There are many more benefits when organizations create quality teamwork in the workplace and there are many more articles on the subject. https://www.roberthalf.com/blog/management-tips/the-value-of-teamwork-in-the-workplace. https://www.sandler.com/blog/6-benefits-of-teamwork-in-the-workplace. http://www.aib.edu.au/blog/teamwork/teamwork-is-important-in-the-workplace/. But these and other articles fail to acknowledge the greatest benefit, and that is the impact it has on the success of the organization itself.

  • There is a simple factor which distinguishes all successful organizations

After 30+ years of working with organizations of every type and size, we have noticed a theme that all successful ones’ share. That is, they all consist of a group of enthusiastic, confident, optimistic, appreciative and happy people who work together on behalf of a future they have all committed themselves to!

  • Here’s one way of looking at this:

In explaining why this simple formula really is the key to business growth and success, I’m fond of using the metaphor of an oar-powered boat in the middle of the ocean. Imagine a situation where the employees on the boat have little or no enthusiasm in putting their oars in the water and even if they do, everyone rows in a different direction? The result is that the metaphorical boat in the ocean just drifts along with no real direction and no real velocity. And, that is what happens in most organizations.

  • Consider our approach to business growth

Now, imagine if all those same employees put their oars in the water and they all enthusiastically start rowing in the same direction. Can you see how that boat will fly through the water with incredible velocity? That’s exactly why the strategy we provide you is a sure-fire method of creating and sustaining successful business growth.

  • How to make this happen

The question becomes how to make this happen. It all starts with the leadership of the organization appreciating the critical importance of teamwork in the workplace and the need to get everyone working cooperatively together on behalf of a common objective. This is often the factor most missing in organizations. All too frequently, leadership thinks that the key to success is great products or services, great marketing and great customer service. While all those things are important, there are a plethora of companies with those characteristics that are dead in the water.

So, once the leadership comes to understand that the secret to their success relies on what’s going on under their noses, what their people are committed to and up to, the next steps become relatively easy. It all starts with that leadership aligning on something that all the people in the organization can get behind.

  • Here are some great examples

Think of Steve Jobs at Apple, or Bill Gates at Microsoft, of Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook. All of these people had an exciting idea that could literally change the world, which they indeed did. Do you think they had a hard time getting the people in their organizations behind their ideas? In fact, when the word got out, people flocked to their organization because they wanted to be part of the excitement. And that was the case with every organization that grew rapidly.

Is it necessary that the vision of the leadership be world changing? No. It just must be exciting and meaningful. Start with that and see how it can contribute to quality teamwork in the workplace and dynamic business growth.

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