You get what you focus on

In last week’s post, I asserted that you are meant to have an amazing life. And if you are in business, you are meant to have an amazing business. All the things that you have ever thought you would like to be, do and have, you are meant to be, do and have.

I then asked: why isn’t it that way for everyone, and you? One answer is that no one ever told us that the power to have everything is within each of us. And whether you understand or believe that or not, it’s the truth. You have the power to create anything, and what you have right now is exactly what you’re creating.

Here’s how it works: Randomly make a list of 10 people or circumstances that are significant in your life right now. For example, your list might include your spouse, your company, your boss, one of your co-workers or an employee, your car, the weather, or a competitor. What you put on the list is not important, just pick 10 that have your attention on a daily basis. Make the list before you read any further.

Now create two lists, one labeled positive and the other labeled negative and put each of the 10 items in one list or the other. Something is positive if you have positive thoughts and feel good/happy about it/them and something is negative if you have negative thoughts and feel unhappy/disappointed/frustrated/dissatisfied about it/them. Again, it’s important that you complete this step before you read any further.

Now look to see which group has the greater number of items in it and which group you spend most of your time focused on. If you did this process, one step at a time, and didn’t look to first see where this is going, the great likelihood is that most of the items on your list got into the negative column and that’s where you focus most of your attention.

Even if that’s not true and you have many or more of the items in the positive column, still look to see where you focus most of your attention. In other words, do you spend more of your time focusing on the things that make you happy or more of your time focusing on the things that make you unhappy and would like to change.

If my conclusion is correct, what is true, and it is surely true for the clear majority of people, is that you spend most of your time feeling unhappy, disappointed, frustrated, angry, resentful and so on. While humans take these feelings for granted and often assume that’s just the way life is, the consequences are devastating.  In a nutshell, you always get more of what you focus on. And that’s why your life and your business are not amazing. Spend the week noticing how true what I am saying here is and we’ll continue the process of getting this sorted out next week.

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